Create the things you wish existed; in this case gelato. As you can recall, we have been discussing awesome gelaterias and true stories around it since the past few weeks.

You might wonder what I will cover up in today’s DIY activity, and maybe even think that I will teach you how to make gelatos. Unfortunately that won’t be possible as authentic gelato is made in gelato laboratories with the perfect expertise and machinery. Hence I will give the concept of gelatos another perspective by introducing an innovative yet simple way of creating a gelato-inspired theme party. Nowadays theme parties are very famous and used for any and every occasion possible. Yet not everyone can afford an event manager for these as they are quite expensive. So why not create a different look yourself by using the following steps: 

First of all, you find some small pom pom balls and purchase them in various colors. These are easily available on Amazon in different colors and sizes. These pom pom balls can be used in many things to create cute decorations on fabrics and paper. They can be glued on or inserted into sticks to create unique crafts.

Then you collect ice cream bowls and cocktail glasses either on rent or if you have them at home. What you do is mix all the colored pom poms and start putting them in cocktail glasses and bowls. You will be surprised to see how pretty they look and delicious too. As they are round-shaped, cute and colorful, they remind us of sweet things as all sweets look tempting in those pastel colors and shapes. Once you are done placing these pom pom balls in them, you choose some furry colorful balls which again can be purchased from Amazon. Along with it you can choose some light shaded cardboard paper which will be used to make cones. I would suggest getting small to medium-sized furry balls rather than big ones as it has to look realistic. So what you do is cut the cardboard paper in squares with proper dimensions.

Try maintaining the same dimensions as if not it will change the shape of the cone. You start rolling it from one corner and securing it at the tip so that it becomes cone-shaped. You keep some transparent tape ready and once it’s rolled, tape it in the middle so that it is stuck and not too visible. You can place these cones in round-shaped decorative pieces mostly positioned at the center table. 

So now you have gelato in cocktail glasses, bowls and cones! I didn’t want to overdo it so I chose to keep it simple and place it next to cute cups. But if you wish to, you can even make gelato party hats following the paper cone method or even make small miniatures of cones and hang them on lights. Now you have ready gelato theme decoration you can use for your child’s birthday party or even your own! Just choose sweet colors and enjoy the different varieties you create! 



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