One of the trendiest topics these days is Do-It-Yourself as it is convenient and helps us to explore new ways of making things. As mentioned in the previous blog, moods can be altered according to the colors; hence this week I will walk you through one of the easiest and best ways to uplift your mood with the help of colors. Certain colors are closer to our hearts than others as we associate various memories with them. But at times we are unaware of certain colors that our subconscious mind stores and relates to. Some colors make us feel blessed while others trigger an uneasy feeling in us. As children, one thing we all practiced was drawing and coloring. This act not only releases stress but also helps one to heal from hidden feelings. You might ask yourself which colors you subconscious minds associate with the most, for which you can get the answer by doing the following activity.Firstly, you gather whichever color pencils you wish to without having a second thought. Then you place them on your desk and find a picture you would like to fill in with these colors. Of course not all of us are good at sketching so you can use help of a light box to trace the picture you would like to color, as shown in the image below.

Once you are done tracing it, start coloring it with those colored pencils and do not stop until you complete it. Just make sure that you do not leave any spaces empty and don’t be conscious or judgmental of the colors you use. We often think a bit too much if a color matches another one, but this time you need to let yourself free. As soon as you have completed the painting, close your eyes for some seconds and recall which color stays in your mind the most. Definitely it will be your favorite color and there are high chances that you must have picked your favorite color along with other ones. Once you open your eyes refer to the list below. Now I hope you do not refer to it before you start coloring as it will defeat the purpose of this activity.

As you scroll through this list you will check your sketch to observe which colors you have used the most. You need to find the frequently used ones on the list and read the significance of these colors. Now please treat this as a fun activity and not one to judge you as we are all here to learn.

As stated,  I am going to highlight the basic colors with the meanings to them so that you can notice the significance behind the colors you used in your painting. Firstly, red is naturally a passionate color but an also depict an aggressive nature and is also highlighted in articles and advertisements as an important element. While orange creates playfulness and elevates the energies. We often pay close attention to images and text in yellow colors as it is a happy and friendly color but at times alarms us as a warning sign. When we think of green we connect to nature as well as prosperity. Whereas, blue is serene, inviting and creates a feeling of trust. Lastly, purple is the color of luxury and mystery. As shown in my drawing, the most frequent colors used were blue and green, hence I am focusing on prosperity and trust. 


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