Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools used since centuries that all of us can relate to. Love is the universal power that connects each one of us irrelevant of our skin color, caste, religion, age, social status and any other factor. Some of us are addicted to love stories as we have been hearing them since a very young age, while others listen to them or read them once in a while. We have all experienced love at least once in our lives and some are blessed to be in this loving relationship forever. Love stories are very close to some people, including me. As I was growing up I used to pay special attention to love stories as they used to make me feel happy. They have given me hope that sooner or later my “prince charming” will come and fill my life with more bliss, so here is one such love story.

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She stood staring into oblivion as the wind stroked through her silky hair. Her brown curls were softly brushing her pretty face and blocking her eyesight. Yet she didn’t move them away as she was lost in her thoughts. As people passed by, they wondered why such a pretty girl stood all alone. Was she waiting for someone or was she simply enjoying her own company? They were right the first time as she was waiting for someone; someone very special and very close to her heart; someone whom she never got tired of thinking; that one person who made her heart beat and shy away behind a smile. This feeling gave her excitement, hope, peace, joy but even a bit of anxiety. The reason behind this anxiety was that she hadn’t met her love yet. Nonetheless she eagerly waited months and then years as she had an unshakable belief that one day she will meet him. Love stories are hyped and truly magical whereas in reality love just happens when you least expect it. This beating heart of hers and this happy feeling is one she never wanted to detach herself from. Many people wondered what she was looking out for in her love but she couldn’t explain even though she knew exactly what she was looking out for. Although people criticized her and judged her she didn’t let that chatter reach her heart. After all the heart knows no better than to feel unconditional love, in other words love which has no purpose or reason.

Once she went back home she glanced at the mirror and looked at her eyes. Those eyes which had several hidden feelings some of which were mysterious, naughty and were constantly lit up with that ray of hope that worked as her sunshine every morning. Two colors that had become her best friends were white and pink. White symbolizes light and purity while pink is the color of love and sensibility. Therefore, she used to wear white or pink clothes as she felt more comfortable in them. The brightness of white protected her from all evil and the love of pink caressed her like a flower. Every night she used to look into the dark sky and speak to the shiny stars about her love. The sparkle of the stars would bring happiness to her and she would have a beautiful smile on her face. Every night she used to close her eyes and pray to God to bring the love of her life in front of her. Tonight too she was doing the same when suddenly the door bell rang. She opened her eyes with bewilderment wondering who it could be as she was not expecting anyone. So she chose to ignore it and waited for her mother to open the door to that person. She didn’t hear any voice but some footsteps, and as each footstep felt nearer to her, her heart started to beat. What was this silly tingling feeling in her stomach? Was it just an illusion or had he finally arrived.

To be continued…

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