Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to instantly connect people with each other as we all have a story to tell. We all have experiences and anecdotes which we would want others to also know. There is a very strong emotion connected to storytelling and that is the emotion of being a child. When we are children we are confident and fearless as we have no attachment to the consequences.

Storytelling has been a tradition since centuries as it has been the main reason to put children off to sleep. We all connect to stories and can recall on those moments when our parents used to narrate them full of drama to keep us entertained. Night after night we have looked forward to the next story, some of us even adding bits and pieces to them to make them more interesting. I remember when my mother used to tell me stories I used to visualize them and surprisingly they used to also come in my dreams. Nonetheless, storytelling is still used all over the world but through images. Pictures can speak a thousand words and photography has just made it easier for us to think of unimaginable things. Stories always teach us a lesson which is why you will often hear the moral of the stories highlighted by our parents/grandparents. Stories give us hope; a feeling that comes from within and reminds us that come what may something good will definitely come out of the most difficult situations.

As time passed by, this tradition of telling stories was taken over by other more modern things such as digital pictures. Nowadays not many kids listen to stories but instead are glued on to ipads/iphones and android phones. It is fascinating to see that in various rural areas they have used various props such as puppets and stones to narrate stories, and to our bewilderment they are mind-blowing. Frankly speaking I miss all those nights when I used to eagerly listen to all those stories and anxiously wait for the end. In fact I wouldn’t mind listening to them again as they take me back to my childhood. So let’s explore the hidden realms of storytelling through photography.


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